Googling God

I’m a writer and spend many hours researching source material and quotes to broaden my perspective and get the facts right on a topic. As a Christian who is also searching for inspiration from God, “googling God” is a necessity when I’m facing writer’s block or any kind of personal  challenge or problem. That’s why I appreciate this poetic quote! 

“The world looks to Google for an answer. When I need an answer,
I google God.”   Poet Paul  Samuels

Yet, in the process of looking for answers, I often find myself first worrying. Waves of anxiety crash into my thoughts. Fighting the undertow, I’m gasping for air when the light finally turns on; push back the waves and “google God!”  It’s another way of reminding myself to pray. I don’t always need to go on the world wide web. The bible is the best source for my daily life. Its pages, filled with ancient information and inspiration have stood the test of time; information about knowing a loving, redemptive God and following Him as I navigate life. 

It’s a fact that God Himself created wireless communication since the days He set the world and the planets into place and His ultimate creations, humankind. Angels as His Messenger service, Fire and Cloud to communicate directions in the Exodus, Torah scrolls preserved in jars of clay.  

As we lift our words to the Lord, He hears them; just like our emails collectively go to their trillions of destinations all over the world, our prayers have a destination too.  One destination is enough; the Alpha and Omega, the God of the Universe.

In the Lord’s friendship with us and His direction to fellowship with others, He’s also the Master of Social Media. In the family of God, He’s given us many guidelines in the bible to develop strong bonds of interpersonal relationships. 

And what about Twitter?  He created the authentic Twitter when He created the birds!  

Isaiah 59:1-2 assures us, “Behold, the LORD's hand is not shortened, That it cannot save; Nor His ear heavy, that it cannot hear. “

When You Need Answers Google God







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